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Empire Fleet – Repair Calculator

Excel: Empire-Fleet-Repair Google Sheets: Empire Fleet Repair Sorry for now it only works on Desktop, not mobile. Advertisements

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Empire Fleet – Might Calculator

I made this simple Empire Fleet might calculator to see if you’ve won or lost. MightCalc_EmpireFleet (Based on the Empire Fleet unit guide)

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Attack & Defense (Revised)

Buffs – Accounts for 10% to life/attack. Statue buffs are important. Each 1% in statue is really worth about 5% of anything else. Attack the campaigns daily to upgrade. Runes – Accounts for 20% to … Continue reading

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How to Win Goblin Campaign Events

For Campaign High Score Events Here are the exact amount of troops you need to send with t5, rune of invuln, rune of fury, and 220 hero to get maximum score. … Continue reading

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A few hobbit links to bookmark

Hey Knights, here are some useful hobbit links you should bookmark and use: 1) Region Map – This is a map of all the regions you can move to with Radagast … Continue reading

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Decreasing Training Times

Dear Knights, I’ve been trying to figure out the effects that the Forge, Armory and Stables have on training speed of each unit type. After searching the entire forum I’ve now … Continue reading

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How to be a Scarlet Knight (Top KILLER)

WARNING: You WILL receive a lot of hate/cry mail, and make many enemies, but as a Top player this is common. When you scout players, look for high level Great Halls, … Continue reading

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